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The Polemics of Signs and Signifiersifac-richard-meier-4-Bagan-2011-collage
Robert Cottingham and Richard Meiers
September 21st – December 28th, 2016

IFAC Arts and The Yard Lower East Side present printed works by the American artists Robert Cottingham and Richard Meiers. Both born in the mid-1930’s the artists juxtapose ideas of architecture and pop culture with two unique styles influenced from advertising and the urban pre-digital landscape.

Robert Cottingham, (b.1935) is known as photorealist of Ameriacana, built on the work of pop artists such as Andy Warhol, with whom he shared a background in advertising. Warhol's use of commercial processes in his paintings and prints offered a useful paradigm for Cottingham by promoting an aesthetic of slick, flawless surfaces and untempered subject matter.

Richard Meier, (b.1934) most know as the world renowned architect began making collages almost 55 years ago, as a young student in Rome collecting crumpled papers and other detritus he found strewn throughout the city's ancient streets. [...] Meier joins a rich tradition of architects devoted to the art of collage—including Mies van der Rohe's De Stijl-inflected outings, Archigram's and Superstudio's psychedelic utopian visions, and OMA's postmodernist mashups.




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