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Group Exhibition
Wallplay / IFAC / Cutlog New York (B15)
May 8-11, 2014

Curated by Lee Wells & Laura O’Reilly

Artists include: AES+F, Eoghan Barra, Noah Becker, Sean Capone, Pierrot Carrilero, Ahmet Civelek, Chris Protest, Huey Crowley, Gregory de la Haba, dNASAb (Disney Nasa Borg), Walker Fee, Carla Gannis, Kathy Grayson, Gregory Green, Bernice Gonzalez Bofill, Raymond Salvatore Harmon, Gh Hovagimyan, Sandro Kopp, Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, Brian Leo, Patrick Lichty, Den Marino, Laia Miret, Marjan Moghaddam, Jonathan Monaghan, MTAA, L’OR, Jonathan Rosen, João Salema, Raphaele Shirley, Katerina Skassi, Evelin Stermitz, Vargas-Suarez Universal, Lydia Venieri, Justin Wood, Agni Zotis.

AES+F Group, Allegoria Sacra 3 channel still

Wallplay and IFAC are proud to announce the second incarnation of Separation Anxiety at the CUTLOG New York Art Fair onview during the Frieze Art Fair week from May 8th to 11th. Separation Anxiety is an ongoing campaign of collaborative exhibitions that discuss art and the fine line which bridges technology and society in the supermodern age. Affirming itself as a juggernaut, Separation Anxiety is the exhibition that never ends.

Separation anxiety first occurs in us as babies, as we come to understand our own selfhood and the permanence of objects. This exhibition stands to question notions of the object, media, and the self by juxtaposing digital and traditional artworks to create a dialogue on neocontemporary culture and the individual's place within it. The artists include a cross section of general troublemakers and steadfast flag carriers of the old Avantgarde that postposerism just couldn't kill off.

We live in the age of overstimulation and are more codependent on technology than we are on people. The little screens that surround us everywhere serve as handheld portals into a selfmade matrix of connectivity, or lack thereof. Antisocial media.

hashtag #separationanxiety #wallplay #ifacarts

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