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Barbara Rosenthal
Conceptual Composite Collages
Curated by Lee Wells and Katie Peyton at Peanut Underground

August 17 - August 26, 2013
Opening Reception - Saturday August 17, 7-11pm

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Peanut Underground is proud to announce a solo exhibition of media and performance artist Barbara Rosenthal.  To usher in the fifth decade of her idiosyncratic and dynamic career, Peanut premiers six new photo collages and a digitally remastered 1979 video “Pregnancy Dreams / Priming a Wall."

Please join us Sat, August 17, 8-11pm, for a birthday party at the vernissage of her solo show!

At its premiere at BACA, the "Pregnancy Dreams" was censored and roundly denigrated because it depicts the artist at age 30, nine months pregnant and nude.  Originally created as an open-reel 1/2” video, the film was recently archived at the New Museum’s XFR STN and uploaded to The Internet Archive (http://archive.org/).

The photo collages, created in 2008, contain images and video stills spanning 30 years of the artist's vision and provide viewers a window into the rich and provocative world of an artist considered a fixture of the avant-garde since the 1970's.  Floating within the frame in unconventional shapes, with jutting angles, they also reference the disorienting cropping and framing techniques Rosenthal uses to reinterpret her subject matter.

Each of the six pieces creates a surrealist and existential dialogue, taking place in six different, mysterious landscapes.  Precariously balanced, the collages incorporate moments from the life of the artist, evoking an implied narrative which takes place in the present.
BarbaraRosenthal PregnancyDreamsPrimingAWallSTILLS
Artist statement: "My work is a manifestation of my soul and psyche. Soul connects me to the universe, psyche to inner self: to DNA plus physical and mental experience. The work connects me to you."

Manohla Dargis, The Village Voice: "Rosenthal's work is incessantly personal, even naked, with an emphasis on language realized through stories, puns, songs, names and confessions."

Bill Creston, Director, The Museum of Modern Media: "Barbara Rosenthal exhibits a very funny take on life, yet it is supremely sardonic. Crisis, fragility, transcendence, divinity, personality, tormented existence, inner emotional states, intellectual purpose, universal connection, and private experience within a historical period are her palette: No matter what her medium, she clearly produces Existential Art."

Barbara Rosenthal (b. 1948, The Bronx, New York) is an American avant-garde artist and writer. Her existential themes have contributed to contemporary art and philosophy. Her pseudonyms include "Homo Futurus," taken from the title of one of her books, and "Cassandra-on-the-Hudson", which alludes to her studio and residence since 1998 on the Hudson River in Greenwich Village, NYC.

As an artist, Rosenthal works in media including photography, video, performance, installation, interactive and New Media (digital media), text, collage, artists' books and objects. Almost all are produced in editions. Most combine camera, text and performative aspects. Elements of Rosenthal's body of work, "Surreal Photography" are often present. Rosenthal is known for often revisiting past works, recombining old elements with new, and often appears in her work in some way. These may include x-rays, brain scans and clothing. Sometimes she utilizes physical or textual elements from her journals. As a creative artist within the fields of surrealism and existentialism, Rosenthal brings existential content, via the subconscious, to conceptual art, and is known for her intense introspection.

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