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May Day 2012

Festival of Optimism (AKA Anarchist Art Fair)
Curated by Anonymous

May 1 – May 9, 2012
Artists Reception May 1st, 7-9pm


mayday-exhibition2Peanut Underground is proud and excited to present its inaugural show in our new lower level studio and project space. May Day is a day to celebrate fertility, fire, and abundance, heralding in the season in the hope of a good harvest.

The Festival of Optimism includes works by the artists: Andy Warhol, Clayton Patterson, [dNASAb], Dread Scott, Duke and Dutchess, Gregory de la Haba, Gregory Greene, Katie Peyton, Keith Haring, LA2, Lee Wells, Michael Ricardo Andreev, Mickey Smith, Shiva Lynn Burgos, Nico Smith, Occuprint, Peter Fend, Ray Smith, Ronnie Cutrone, Saskia Hahn, Savannah Spirit, Shepard Fairey, Stewart Home, Spencer Tunnick, Wolf Geyr, and more.

Peanut is a freethinking art space inspired by the epic myth of the avant garde.  We miss the Garden of Eden and walking around naked.  We remember in our collective mind something different, before Amazon.com and working every day to pay taxes to Goldman Sachs to see Cindy Sherman at MoMA.  Before everyone was looking up through the glass ceiling.  That's why we went underground to create our shelter, where we will work to build the new.

Peanut serves as an incubator for artists, writers and curators to communicate ideas and create new artifacts for the 21st century. Stop by any evening from May 1 to 9.  We just might be having a pop-up event.  We have a few things planned but will let the spirit of the show and its participants determine our ship's course.  

It is spring.  The world corrects.  See you underground.

Opening Receptions: Tonight, May 1, 6-9pm
Frieze Studio Visit  Sunday, May 6th, Reception to follow 7-10pm
HOURS:  3 - 6ish;  Happy Hour: 5 - 6ish;  Late night: 6 - 8ish or by appt.

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